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Performances made for extraordinary audiences in theatres


We can make your dreams

Embark on an extraordinary adventure into the world of dreams with Dream Makers Inc.! This thrilling musical experience is guaranteed to bring joy, laughter, and unforgettable memories for the whole family. Get ready to be mesmerized by cutting-edge animation, lively original music performed by a live band, and immersive narration that will transport you to magical dreamscapes.

Join our three lovable characters - Jen, Billy, and Frank - as they confront their inner fears and help Alicia find her way back to embracing her inner child. Through interactive games and simulated motion, you'll be fully engaged in this heartwarming journey of self-discovery.

But beware! The path to happiness is not always easy. Our heroes unwittingly put themselves in grave danger when they take the easy route of throwing their demons into a fearsome river. Will they find their way out of this perilous situation?

Dream Makers Inc. is more than just a show - it's an opportunity for the whole family to come together, learn valuable life lessons, and be reminded that with happy dreams come joyful lives. Don't miss out on this magical experience that will leave you inspired and filled with positivity. Get your tickets now and let your imagination soar with Dream Makers Inc.!

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A year in the life of you

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Escape from the ordinary and immerse yourself in a mesmerizing journey through the changing seasons with Seasons - a one-of-a-kind theatrical performance like no other. Step into a comforting and safe space where you can let go of all your worries and experience the magic unfold before your eyes.

Designed with extraordinary audiences in mind, Seasons caters to those who seek calming and restorative experiences. Whether you or your loved ones have anxiety, additional needs, or are living with dementia, rest assured that this performance is thoughtfully crafted to create magical moments for everyone.

Indulge your senses as music fills the air, lights dance around you, and signs and objects come to life, transporting you into a world where time stands still. Each season brings its own unique beauty and ambiance, capturing the essence of nature's ever-changing tapestry.

Leave behind the stress of daily life and allow yourself to be enveloped in the enchantment of Seasons. Join us on this extraordinary journey that will rejuvenate your spirit and leave you feeling refreshed.

Experience something truly special with Seasons - because everyone deserves a moment of pure magic.

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