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Projects we're working on

We are dedicated to providing access to quality theatre and education, so we often collaborate with local businesses on projects. Currently, we are engaged in various initiatives. Here is a current listing of the projects we are undertaking:

Sara is currently working on a  collaboration between De Warenne Academy and the National Theatre and Cast Theatre.

The Speak Up project is a collaborative effort between De Warenne Academy and the National Theatre and Cast, with the aim of giving young people a voice in the creative arts. The project brings together students from De Warenne Academy and professionals from the National Theatre and Cast to create an original piece of theatre that reflects the unique perspectives of young people in today’s society.

The collaboration between De Warenne Academy and the National Theatre and Cast is an exciting prospect for both organisations. For De Warenne Academy, it provides students with the opportunity to gain valuable experience collaborating with professionals in the performing arts, while also developing their own creative skills. For the National Theatre and Cast, it offers a platform to showcase the work of young people in a professional setting. 

Through this collaboration, both organisations are able to share their knowledge and resources to create something truly special. The Speak Up project has already seen great success, with its first performance being met with critical acclaim. It is hoped that this project will continue to inspire others to use their voices to create something meaningful and memorable.

The Speak Up project is a great initiative that has the potential to make a lasting impact on our society. By providing a platform for young people to share their stories and have their voices heard, it can help shape a more inclusive and equitable future. With its empowering message and inspiring mission, the Speak Up project is sure to continue making a positive difference in the lives of many for years to come.

Deaf Youth Theatre

We're proud to have worked with Cast Theatre and Communication Specialist College Doncaster over 2 terms to provide a youth theatre program for young people who are D/deaf or Disabled. Each week, these talented creatives had the opportunity to develop their skills and explore their creativity. Keep an eye out for updates about performances related to this project!


Phil was lucky enough to collaborate with Cast Theatre on the youth theatre production of We Are Giants in 2019. It was an incredibly rewarding experience, and we were delighted to contribute original music and lyrics.

Archipelago Arts recently engaged the services of Sara in Leeds as associate director for their research and development project, Mother of the Revolution. This involves a blend of both community cast members and professional actors to spotlight the inspirational story of Bette Beecroft at Kirkstall Forge. More information regarding this endeavor can be found here:


Sara recently had the privilege of serving as assistant director for Cast Theatre's production of Wish. Aimed at a very young audience, aged 0-18 months, the play was met with great enthusiasm. And based on the trailer, a lot of cuteness too!

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