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Internet Safety -
Don't pack up your troubles

Key stages 1 + 2 or whole school performance available

Our interactive and inclusive workshops for schools are the perfect way to bring creativity into your curriculum. 
We after school and lunchtime drama clubs, classtime enrichment workshops and intensive experiences such as Play in a Day and Play in a Week.
Students will get to experience and learn performance skills, technical, creative writing, and technical skills.
We create the projects bespoke for you, so we can support your students to achieve.
For more information have a look at our schools and colleges brochure.


Discover the power of internet safety

Effectus Theatre brings to you an entertaining and educational production about the perils of internet safety. With our Internet Safety Superheroes, we help you understand the importance of being safe online.

Unlock the secrets of internet safety

Our production helps children aged 5-7 understand the importance of internet safety in an engaging way. Through Billy's journey with our Superheroes, your children learn to identify and address risks associated with being online.

Learn with fun and adventure

Billy has a lot of worries that he keeps hidden in his backpack until our Superheroes help him discover the power of being safe online. With a mix of music, puppetry, comedy and adventure – this show will take your kids on a journey they won't forget.

Engage and educate

Our show is designed to engage young audiences while educating them on how to stay safe when using technology. Our Internet Safety Superheroes are ready to help Billy – are you?

For more information on booking Don't pack up your troubles or Ugly for your school:


Bully-Proof Your Kids With Effectus Theatre's production of UGLY

UGLY is an anti-bullying performance for the whole school that teaches children how to be resilient and stand up for themselves in a safe and fun environment.

Positive reinforcement

We use positive reinforcement techniques to help kids identify their own strengths and feel empowered when facing difficult situations.

Be bully-proof!

Our performance is designed to help your kids learn how to protect themselves from bullies, build strong relationships, and develop the skills they need to be successful.

Fun, interactive theatre

Our engaging theatrical performances bring the stories of Cinderella, Rapunzel and other beloved characters to life in a way that kids can easily connect with.

Learn resilience and self-confidence

We'll show your children how to stand up for themselves, find their inner strength, and become more resilient in the face of bullying.

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Discover the Magic of Christmas

with Joey's Snowy Christmas

For more information on booking Joeys snowy Christmas for your school:

This festive season, let Joey the Dormouse be your guide to a world of cultural capital, British values, and diversity.

Join him on his journey and explore the wonders of the world in a fun and interactive way!

Learn about Cultural Capital & British Values

Effectus Theatre’s Joey's Snowy Christmas is an engaging show that helps children learn all about cultural capital, British values and diversity. Through Joey’s adventures, kids can gain an understanding of different cultures around the world.

Experience Fun & Interactive Theatre

Effectus Theatre uses innovative theatrical techniques to bring stories to life in exciting ways. Our shows are designed to engage children and keep them entertained from start to finish.

Bring Christmas To Life

Joey’s Snowy Christmas is a heartwarming story that will make children feel like they’re part of the adventure. With memorable characters, captivating music and enchanting visuals, this show will bring out the festive spirit in everyone.

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Level Up Your Online Safety

Effectus Theatre is here to help you understand the world of online gaming and how to stay safe. With our interactive performance, you can navigate the dangers of online gaming and have an exciting time in a safe environment!

Keep Your Identity Secure

We focus on teaching children about social engineering, identity theft and other associated risks. Our performance will ensure that your child knows how to stay safe when playing online.

Understand the Dangers of Pop-Ups

Pop-ups are a common thing in the world of online gaming, but they can sometimes be dangerous. Our performance will teach your child how to identify dangerous pop-ups and avoid them.

Learn About Inappropriate Content

Our performance focuses on teaching children about 18+ content, helping them identify it and avoid it. We’ll also explain why such content should be avoided while playing games online.

Avoid Unnecessary In-App Purchases

We focus on teaching children how to avoid unnecessary in-app purchases when playing games online. We’ll teach them the basics of making smart purchases while gaming, saving you money in the process!

To Book Level Up or Catchfool City

Welcome to Catchfool City!

Join Fox and Cat on their journey through Catchfool City, a social media world where they talk to their school friends, arrange parties and meet-ups. Learn all about internet safety and privacy in a fun and engaging way with our Key stage 2 performance!


Real-life themes that resonate

Our Catchfool City performance tackles the issue of bullying head-on, exploring it from both sides and showing what it's like to be on the receiving end as well as pointing out the subtle signs of bullying.

Engaging music and animation

Our unique combination of foot tapping music, animation and storytelling brings our Catchfool City performance to life in a way that will engage your students, leaving them with a lasting impression.

Audience participation encouraged

We actively encourage audience participation throughout our performances, giving students a chance to reflect on the issues being discussed and ask questions about what they've seen.

A powerful message for all ages

The message of internet safety and privacy is powerful for all ages, so no matter what age group you have in your class, our Catchfool City performance is sure to make an impact.

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